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We use Heebo, because hiring the right fit to our culture is so essential for our team spirit, productivity and innovation. I recommend Heebo to companies who understand the power of culture based hiring.
- Sami Törmä, Digital Manager, Schipsted Media - Tori.fi

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DIY - Do it yourself

You have the skills and the resources, but not the tool? We'll share ours with you. Create a company account at Heebo, profile your need, post a job, share it online, and manage your hiring process on your company account at Heebo.

Ultimate Heebo

Need help? Join forces with our virtual hiring team. We'll profile your need, take care of the targeted recruitment marketing, manage your hiring process, take care of your candidate experience, spar you to make the best hiring decisions, and escort you to your goal. In the most transparent way. You can't help but pick up new skills and knowledge!

First Class

We are all about creating feel good experiences in your hiring process. Our First Class customers are hand picked, and the ride is like dancing together in the first class. Our tailored culture based hiring support builds your employer brand, transfers culture based hiring skills to your company, and supports your team with your hiring processes. Ask more about this at firstclass(at)heebo.fi

New to Heebo? Try Heebo for free. 30 days job posting and additional 45 days to finish your hiring process.

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I was offered another position before I managed to apply to a position at Dittmar & Indrenius posted via Heebo. I still wanted to praise your energetic approach to hiring, and compliment how well the job advert written by you communicated the culture and atmosphere of Dittmar & Indrenius. It really made the company stand out among other job postings. Well done!
- Job Seeker,

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