About the organizational culture mapping app

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Respond to the culture mapping questionnaire

Simply sign up or log into your existing Heebo company account and rate 9 strategic emphasis -statements. This will take you about 30-45 minutes. Once you are done, you will get the company culture profile on your account.

Please note, who ever rates the statements needs to know the company strategy at present as well as the attempted direction.

Mapping your culture at present and for the future will give you great insight into what a strategy change does to a company culture.

OCM company questionnaire

Invite managers,  employees and job candidates for a compatibility analysis

Once you have the organizational culture profile completed, you are ready to invite others for a compatibility analysis. A simple email invite from your Heebo account will send a unique link for the recipient to their questionnaire. Again, once completed, you are able to find the compatibility analysis on your account.

What can I use it for

The compatibility analysis sets a great structure for discussion in hiring (interview scenarios), development discussions (how one’s role and preferences match with company strategy) and organizational development (strategy work and change processes as well as  mergers & acquisitions).


What is it based on

We’ve studied a number of frameworks and behavioral psychology over the years in order to formulate a simple enough tool for understanding, developing and using the organizational culture for leadership purposes.

Heebo’s organizational culture mapping app is leaning on the studies of professors Kim S. Cameron and Robert E. Quinn, and their Competing Values Framework as well as our experiences in analyzing organizational behavior and work personalities.